Jim Lischer’s expertise and wisdom, developing our in house training videos, was superb. Everything is concise, and well put together. The City’s department staff has benefited greatly, from having Jim, develop, produce, for decades, these videos.

Patrick Vergne Director of Community Services City of Del Mar

Kimo, as we call him, is the ‘local’ Southern California , short movie producer, for you. Find, dig, sort, and box up, any, and all of your past memories. I hope, Kimo puts some of his movie ‘YouTube‘ samples, up on his web site. Entertaining, and inexpensive; these are not slideshows! As president of SJUTV.com; please try him, for all of your video-media memories, photo images, and past, & future live events. I saw him attach cameras to ‘Wounded Warriors’, US military veterans; on their surfboards, kayaks, bodyboards, and a outrigger canoe, in the surf! Very creative, ‘Cool’ results, and many DVD copies, were requested.

Paul & Tamara Petersen
SJUTV P.O. Box 3644 Rancho Santa Fe Ca. 92067


“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million “


Jim Lischer, August 1969, while fighting in Vietnam, with the US ARMY; bought his first movie camera. A film camera, a super 8mm, next came the Hi 8 tape cassette, then the mini DV tape, then digital mini, and now High Definition/High Resolution, Canon & Contour cameras.
He loves to document action, or make your images move. He’ll produce a short, or long, entertaining video movie; because your memories are priceless!
Two years ago, in 2011, Jim retired from his career at the City of Del Mar. He is now dedicated to producing personalized video movies, with his new business, DVD YOUR LIFE. !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!